OXO Tot Baby Led Weaning Set – Grow Sippy Straw Cup – 6oz, Suction Plate, OTG Fork and Spoon Set ( oxotot )




Baby Led Weaning Set Contains:
– Straw Cup with Removable Handle – 6 oz
– Suction Plate
– On-The-Go Fork and Spoon Set

About OXO Tot Straw Cup with Removable Handle – 6 oz:

A spill-proof straw cup for your little one

The Straw Cup’s almond-shaped, spill-proof straw conforms to tot’s mouth and minimizes mess, easing the transition from bottle, breast feeding, or sippy cup. The straw valve opens as soon as tot’s lips touch spout for easy drinking, and the hinged cap closes to create a leakproof seal. The removable handles provide a comfortable grip for your little one, and the cap and straw are removable for easy, thorough cleaning.

Why You’ll LOVE it:

– Almond-shaped, spill-proof straw conforms to tot’s mouth and minimizes mess
– Straw valve opens as soon as tot’s lips touch spout for easy drinking
– Hinged cap closes to create a leak-proof seal and is removable for thorough cleaning- Removable handles help little ones control drinking
– Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip; Convenient measurement markings


About OXO Tot Suction Plate:

The Stick & Stay Suction line includes a Bowl, Plate and Divided Plate that feature a secure suction base that sticks firmly to surfaces until mealtime is over. The parent-friendly design makes these plates and bowls easy for grown-ups to remove, but tricky for little ones, to prevent slipping, tipping or tossing. The side walls are designed to help tots with scooping to help promote self-feeding. These dishwasher safe bowls and plates quickly twist apart for thorough cleaning.

Why You’ll LOVE it:

– Suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for small hands to remove
– Suction and non-slip base minimize messes during mealtime
– 100% food-grade silicone suction pad removes for easy and thorough cleaning
– Plate and pad twist to separate for thorough cleaning
– BPA, phthalate and PVC free
– Product Dimensions: 20 cm (d) x 4.5 cm (h)


About OXO Tot On-The-Go Fork and Spoon Set:

Whether taking your tot on a picnic, or sending them off to school, the On-the-Go Fork & Spoon Set is designed to be easy for them to use. The Fork tines are effective enough for picking up food, but not too sharp to protect little fingers, and the deep Spoon shape makes it easy to scoop. The curved, non-slip handles are easy for learning hands to hold and feature a flat spot to keep them from rolling away. The Fork & Spoon fit neatly in their compact travel case, which can be easily tucked into lunchboxes, diaper bags or purses for on-the-go-meals.

Why You’ll Love It:
– Effective fork tines, yet no sharp edges, deep spoon shape for easier scooping of food and liquids
– Deep Spoon shape for easy scooping- Curved, non-slip handles are easy for little ones to hold
– Flat spot on bottom of weighted handles helps prevent rolling
– Handles are curved to prevent slipping into bowl or plate- Sturdy stainless steel for durability
– BPA, phthalate and pvc free



Care Instructions: Washing with warm soapy water will do. Do not expose any plastic / silicone product to extreme heat (ie. microwave, heat sterilization) or UV as it may cause damage and increase wear and tear. For hygiene purposes, replace spout / straw parts every 3 months.

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