OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin


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Our slim Bath Toy Bin features a large, comfortable handle for scooping toys out of the tub or toting them around. Place the Bin on the sturdy plate to store, or use its flat bottom to stand it up next to the bathtub. Large holes let air through and water drain so toys and accessories dry quickly.

Rubber duckies taking over your bathroom? The OXO Tot Bath Toy Storage Bin is a convenient, clean solution for storing toys, washcloths, combs, liquid soap and more. The slim Bin features a large, comfortable handle for scooping toys out of the tub. Water drains through large holes so toys and accessories dry quickly. Attach the included adhesive-backed plate to your bathroom wall for simple and secure hanging storage, or rest the Bin next to the bathtub on its even bottom. The Bath Toy Storage Bin is also great for organizing shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Dishwasher safe.



Why You’ll LOVE it:
– Convenient storage for bathtime toys and accessories with ventilation holes for quick and efficient drying and a large comfortable handle for easy scooping
– Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and flat bottom allows Bin to stand on its own
– Plate with strong adhesive tape allows Bin to hang on wall
– Slim shape and sleek design is perfect for small or shared bathrooms
– Also great for storing shampoo, body wash and more; Note: Bin has a 5 lb weight capacity
– For best results, thoroughly clean bathroom and shower wall surfaces before installation


About OXO Tot

OXO is one of the biggest household brands in the world. OXO Tot offers a complete line of feeding, cleaning, bathing and nursery products were developed following the principle of Universal Design, which means making things that are easy to use for as many people as possible – including kids. We examined every aspect of these products, from how children hold their utensils, to where their noses hit the top of a Sippy Cup, to how they sit on chairs. We looked to make improvements that are the most meaningful to parents and children. As parents ourselves, the well-being of the children who use our products was of utmost concern. All products are made from safe materials and adhere to global safety standards.

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