RaZBuddy Paci Holder – RaZ-Berry Red Teether – Ethan Penguin


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The RaZBuddy is a universal pacifier and teether holder that helps eliminate the stress of searching for lost pacifiers and teethers. It keeps the pacifier close to baby and makes it easier to grasp onto and independently maneuver the pacifier.


The RaZBuddy is sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration. When baby outgrows the pacifier, the RaZBuddy becomes a familiar toy that helps to ease the transition.  It can then be used as a plush toy to help provide a familiar sense of comfort through the years. 


The benefits of a RaZBuddy Plush are invaluable. The warmth of a cuddly toy offers comfort and security that little ones desire when tired or facing a stressful situation. Young children often use a RaZBuddy to project their own feelings – and then comfort them, encouraging valued qualities such as empathy, affection and bonding.


As they grow older, the RaZBuddy also encourages creative play through role playing.


Why You’ll Love it:

  • RaZ-Berry Teether is Included
  • RaZ-Berry Teether is removable 
  • Machine Washable
  • High Quality Hypoallergenic Plush 
  • Hand Made
  • No Pellets
  • BPA free
  • Conforms to US Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements
  • Conforms to EU standards

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